B.C.W. group is willing to offer innovative solutions to global economic challenges of today.

Our operating system has been tested and proven to be satisfactory to all partners and investors. The unwavering philosophy to create an economic environment beneficial for many individuals and groups at multiple levels has given us credibility and trust.

To achieve the vision and objectives of the Group, utilizing our extensive experience with best practices related to planning and design of urban development programs.

The executives of the Group who manage urban development programs provide specialized work, expertise and experience in project management.

We have developed special technical projects management teams based on specific customer needs and project requirements. The integrated approach and advanced manufacturing technologies provide maximum performance in all activities of design, procurement and construction projects.

The last decade has been for the Group a very fruitful period that formed the features and the foundation on which we work for the strengthening of the Group. The ability of immediate adaptation to changing market conditions are key factors for business success of the Group that invests in emerging sectors vision, like that of Energy.

In the oil trading sector we always seek opportunities expanding our portfolio of well respected customers and increasing our trading volumes. Our philosophy is to create an economic environment mutually beneficial to multiple individuals and groups at multiple levels and create new work opportunities through our projects. We will continue to invest and expand our operations in all the business sectors we have presence through sustainable and good partnerships with well respected groups worldwide always by respecting the environment and by meeting and exceeding our customer’s and partner’s requirements and expectations consistently.

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