Oil Trading

Oil Trading

BCW specializes in the broking, marketing and trading of commodities.

Our trading is physical. We have established a global network of operations in broking and trading commodities as Crude Oil and Petroleum Products. BCW operates as an international commodity broking and trading company and facilitates commodity distribution and business growth opportunities for buyers and suppliers globally. We either broking commodities acting as an intermediary liaison between Buyers and Sellers, or trading and marketing directly owned commodities assets acting either as Sellers or Buyers. We are working with a range of energy related commodities, from crude oil to refined oil products (including various grades of diesel, fuel oils, jet and kerosene fuels and bunker fuels).

We have cooperation with various oil suppliers, government industry organizations, trading companies and refineries in different places over the world in order to source crude oil and especially refined petroleum products. We also have strategic relationships with many proven resellers, traders, bunker companies and power plants for the sale of refined petroleum products in the secondary market and we always try to find the best pricing and the process for our clients.

Our highly specialized division of logistics and chartering can arrange the direct charter of vessel for the transportation of the commodity from the Seller to Buyer’s desired destination and to handle the logistic operations, efficiently and consistently communicating with clients and shipping companies. Our ultimate long term vision is to create an internal fleet that can perform as a reliable transporter/operator for such projects. BCW is comprised of a highly dedicated and professional team and our experienced professionals partners are dedicated to offer the highest standards customer services, confidentiality and loyalty to our customers. For this reason we always perform in depth due diligence on all our suppliers and buyers for reliability, capability and business reputation.

Our sophisticated trading and communications systems enable us to achieve absolute customer satisfaction and our Trade Finance and Risk Management departments are the backbone of our success and continued conservative growth. One of our major priorities is in maintaining our name as a reliable and highly credible supplier in the global commodities trading market and for this reason we always try to maintain our professionalism in all of our dealings and we are always developing our clientele and welcome any opportunity to build new client relationships. Our Target is to always develop our clientele and welcome any opportunity to build our client relationships.

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