About B.C.W. Group


The B.C.W. group founded in 1964 and became one of the greatest techniques - construction companies in Greece.

The organization, hard work, our experienced partners and the expertise of the last forty years have brought the BCW Group to the high point that we are today. Our strategy focuses on creating a group with a different action, but to develop key productive sectors.

Thanks to the organization and the spirit of modern business, the Group has successfully completed the design and supervision of an impressive number of major projects, in collaboration with local specialized companies. This extensive collaboration has given to the Group extensive experience and skills, making us unique and valuable partner for any big business.

The Group has established a consistency and continuity covering four decades of productive corporate presence, gathering experience and expertise in all manufacturing sectors. Our presence in the Greek market is for our Group a long term perspective. Our Group is involved in major projects in the Renewable Energies, in Real Estate, in Construction and Development and also in Commodities brokindg and Trading focusing mainly in crude oil and refined petroleum products.

The dynamic development of the Group's business is inextricably linked with the principles of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development. For us, sustainable development means pursuing business excellence with dedication to our vision with respect to society, environment, people and shareholders. The political viability of the Group is based on the harmonious coexistence of its activities with the needs of the communities in which it operates. In this context the BCW Group actively supports important initiatives in the areas of Culture, Education and Environmental Protection.

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