Commodities Brokerage

Commodities Brokerage

Our group is a full-service commodity brokerage providing individually tailored advices to help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

We provide a better way to do business, delivering all commodity producers, buyers and sellers an efficient, clear method of transacting.

We have an array of exclusive Suppliers and Buyers, giving us the power to negotiate great terms and ensuring all parties are satisfied with the end deal.

We have remove the extensive chain of middlemen and tailoring around your requirements. B.C.W. providing a bridge between commodity producer, suppliers and buyers whilst facilitating negotiations by being the only channel through which information is passed giving clear communication and providing a safe and secure way to complete each deal.

Some of the products we are able to provide is sunflower oil, soya meal, corn, sugar, coffee, coal, iron ore, gold or any other type of product that our client requires.

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